IMG_2232I grew up in a terraced house in North Belfast and we treated the Waterworks Park like our garden.

I feel like I spent at least part of every day in the park, walking through with my Granny Gillen as a child, learning to ride a bike in the park, playing football then walking through every day to school.

I still love to walk through and love to see how much the park has grown and developed today.

This tune has the sound of me leaving our family home, closing the gate and walking from the house through the kids playing in the street, crossing the Cavehill Road to the Waterworks, through the natural, untouched upper part of the park to the lower man made area of the park.

The gate noise has been there ever since I remember, my dad blamed us for the noise from swinging on it as children.

(The photo was taken by Ma Gillen showing off her skills in the snow we had in December)


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