Madigans Hill/Cat Garden

IMG_0425Madigans Hill (Beann Mhadagáinis the old name for the Cavehill. You can see it towering above the whole of North Belfast and I grew up in its shadow.

You can see in the picture (another Ma Gillen special) that the outline of the hill is of a face, I grew up obsessed over Myths and Legends and can remember begging my parents to tell me stories of Irish Legends, so I adored the idea that the hill resembled a sleeping giant that my parents used to tell me.

As kids we used to climb Cavehill and I have so many amazing memories of the area, that level of achievement of making it to the top and the reward of seeing the whole of Belfast from the top.

On Cavehill is Belfast Castle, a hotel in which I have played many weddings, and as my parents took me for walks across the hill I always used to love walking through the Belfast Castle to see the Cat Gardens. There’s a challenge to count all the cats in the garden, I was never, and still cant find them all.

The tune was one of the first I sat down and wrote myself and is interesting for me to sit and listen and see how my tunes have developed.


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